One Source Facility Services Corporation is a portal of vital support services that every residential, commercial and industrial company needs. It is the fusion of facility services such as property hygiene, supply of manpower, food services, integrated pest management and facility services training.

Fusion of facility services such as:
✔ Manpower Supply ✔ Cleaning And Sanitation ✔ Food Services ✔ Integrated Pest Management ✔ Landscaping

One Source Facility Services Corp. or One Source, operates through three fundamental principles: Simplify. Act. Satisfy.

Simplify – One Source Facility cut-short the tedious process of outsourcing support services through multiple service companies , thus avoid dealing with different complex agreements.

One Source Facility is your “One-Stop-Shop Facility Services” company.

Act – One Source Facility delivers direct action to your facility services needs. We provide instant solutions by applying tested and working systems.

Satisfy – We are committed to satisfy your facility services requirements. We live by your satisfaction.

Manpower Service

One Source Facility, your core support services management company, provides a great selection of manpower services from clerks to movers.

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Our Competence is absolutely unquestionable. There is no little nor big project for us, everything is delivered based on what is required. Each service is closely administered by a dedicated manager.

Our Vision

One Source Facility’s vision is to be the leader in the facility services industry. We are determined to achieve this vision by providing solely the best solutions based on customers’standards.

Our Mission

One Source Facility supports the advocacy to provide skills and battle unemployment. This drives the company to continuously push its mission to create jobs for the skilled individuals and provide the most comprehensive facility services to every community.

Our Competence

Our Competence is absolutely unquestionable. There is no little nor big project for us, everything is delivered based on what is required.


Property Hygiene

• Management of Cleaning System (Dry & Wet Cleaning) • Housekeeping • Indoor Air Quality • Cleaning and Sanitation Services

Manpower Service

• Clerks • Receptionists • Janitors • Messengers • Factory Workers • Facility Administrators

Food Services

  • Food Safety Compliant • Good Kitchen Practice • Well-Trained Staff

Integrated Pest Management

• Next level pest management • Reduced tenant complaints in buildings • Innovative solutions • Next generation rodent management


• Residential/Community • Commercial/Industrial • Private/Public Infrastructure


• 5S Concept of Good Housekeeping • Integrated Pest Management Training • Food Safety for Cafeteria/Canteen • Effective Food Safety Audit • Personnel Hygiene

Property Hygiene

Each personnel assigned to cleaning are well-trained and informed of the latest cleaning procedures.

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Aside from our own “Superior Cleaning Standards”, we regularly review and develop new methods, materials and equipments to suffice the ever-changing needs of our respective clients.


One Source Facility values every reviews. For inquires about our services, you may reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can.

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